Donite is a social enterprise, when we set up we committed to running Donite not as a profit making enterprise, but to take the commission generated and donate as much as possible to our nominated causes. Therefore we work on a volunteer basis, with minimal running costs. For further information on this, please see our FAQ section.

Donite works using the same technology/framework as many cashback schemes, however instead of the money going back to you, it is instead donated to your chosen charity or cause. We have worked hard to try and include a range of causes, so you should be able to find a cause you identify with.

Our History

The idea for Donite was born in the fertile imagination of Phil Burch. He said:

“People’s relationship to money and charitable giving has changed over the last few years. I noticed that my social media feed was often showing fundraising efforts from many friends who were completing a race or endurance event for their favourite charity. I wanted to harness that giving spirit in an easy and stress-free way for as many people as possible”

Phil then discussed the idea with me, his sister, as I have experience working with charities and I was immediately on board with the idea, giving my time for free to develop the content for the website and establish contact with our chosen causes.

Phil has an existing relationship with Eighty3, a West Midlands based Web Development and Design company. They were enthusiastic to be part of this amazing project.

Phil & Hannah Burch and friends after their Blue Peter Bring & Buy Sale (1985)

Phil & Hannah Burch after their Blue Peter Bring & Buy Sale (1985)