A million thanks to the first 100 people who have helped us to start our journey. Increasing our reach outside of our own family and friends is so very important and doing so without giving money to Google or Facebook is also very important to us. If you are reading this article and are NOT […]

Although from our experience we have handled many reservations in our lives it was a very exciting moment today when we got notification that the first person has completed a booking through our search engine. We have no idea who you are but a million THANKS from all of us! Whoever it was chose to […]

July 2018: During July the background programming was put together by Eighty3 to ensure that the functionality of the website would be slick and smooth on any device. Dan & Rebecca set about putting together some clean designs and using their expertise to suggest how the navigation through the site should work. August 2018: The […]

May 2018: The 4th to the 11th of May 2018 was an important time for Donite. It was during this time that Hannah came over to Germany to spend a week with Phil to start making important decisions and create the base content. Which charities and causes were going to be supported for launch? It […]

March 2018: Not sure that a text logo quite qualifies for such a bold statement. But in March 2018 we commissioned a watercolour artist to create some concept logos for Donite. From what we received there was a clear favourite and with a couple of tweaks here and there the Donite logo was created:

February 2018: For many years Phil Burch wanted to get back in to a position where he was able to help those less fortunate than himself. Running a hugely successful independent travel agency in Germany he wanted to see how he could create fundraising through the sales of travel. Finally in February 2018 (probably in […]