Phil Burch

Helping other people has always been part of my family’s philosophy. For as long as I can remember my mum was involved with charitable work and she encouraged all of us to participate from a young age. I can remember organising bring and buy sales, helping at craft fairs, and weekends spent raising money for various charities in town. My parents worked hard to instil these values within me and as I got older I started to volunteer my time, for example at local primary schools and volunteering at a holiday camp for disadvantaged families in Australia.

After completing a degree in Geography, specialising in leisure and tourism, I spent many years working for various companies, until opening a bar in Playa Blanca Lanzarote. I often organised charity and fundraising nights, excited to be able to help those in need.

Now in my forties and running a thriving travel agency in Germany with my wife and family I wanted a new challenge. I am thrilled with the concept of Donite, and hope it becomes a success.

Han Burch

Growing up in the same household as Phil left me with the same desire to help people. As a child and teenager I volunteered a lot of time at local special needs schools, helped to run a lunch club for elderly people who were socially isolated, and helped at a local hospital shop run by the WRVS. Once I completed university I worked for the NHS for a number of years before getting a job with the charity Sense.

Sadly I had to give up working when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis a year ago, and so when Phil approached me to help out with Donite I was incredibly excited and agreed to write the content for the website, and be the main contact for the charities we are supporting.

Eighty3 Design

Eighty3 started life as a design collective in 1999. Since then the team have had years of experience working in many fields with a set of diverse clients. Eighty3 pride themselves on their personalised approach, having close contact and establishing long-standing relationships with their clients, and only taking on work that excites and challenges them.

Eighty3 have been working with Phil's travel agency for a number of years, and immediately said yes when approached to design the website for Donite.